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Hello everyone! My name is Katie Michele, you can just call me Katie!

I currently tattoo in Roswell, GA in my private studio out of Salon Studios Beauty Mall. I am passionate about creating a comfortable environment for my clients as well as providing them with the tattoo of their dreams! 

My tattooing journey began long before a machine was ever in my hand. Visual arts have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. In high school it was graphite drawings of friends, and scratchboards of flowers and hippie vans; I wanted so badly to be a tan, skateboarding, peace-loving girl who lived at the beach. A dream that would become my reality at just 18 years old when I moved to Saint Augustine, FL to study graphic design and live out my beach life fantasies. Although I only completed one year of college, the unique little town grabbed ahold of me and I spent the next eight years of my life there. During that time I worked a plethora of jobs; leading painting parties, hosting at restaurants, retail, and eventually, front desk receptionist at a beachside tattoo shop. This job in particular, was my ticket to what has become my absolute passion in life: creating tattoos.

Since then, I’ve fallen in love with this craft. Not only do I love creating the tattoos, but I also LOVE interacting with my clients. I have always had a big love for humans! I love hearing your stories, learning about what lights you up, and making you feel like the absolute GEM that you are through my artwork! Getting tattooed can be a totally comfortable experience with the right environment, and I’m here to provide that for you. I think you deserve a tattoo experience that makes you feel safe, seen, and beautiful. 🙂