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Hello everyone! My name is Katie Michele, you can just call me Katie!

I currently tattoo in Roswell, GA! I absolutely LOVE tattooing! I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember! In high school I really enjoyed doing realistic graphite drawings, and scratch boards. 

After graduating high school I moved from my hometown of Grayson, Georgia to attend Flagler College in Saint Augustine, Fl where I majored in Graphic Design. I didn’t ever finish my degree, but I fell in love with Saint Augustine and decided to start my life there.

At 19 I found a job at Painting with a Twist, where I led painting parties. I worked there for five years on and off and even managed the studio for a short period of time early on. During that time, when I was 22, I was offered a position working the front desk hat Electric Chair Tattoos, which then became my main gig.  I was the receptionist for almost three years before I began my apprenticeship. In summer 2022 I made the move back to the Atlanta area to be closer to my family and opened my own studio!

Outside of tattooing, I am passionate about health and fitness as well as mental health. So hit me with all the health and mindset topics! I LOVE to talk about it! I also love to chat doggos and kitties! I have a boxer pit bull named Kaia! I’m absolutely obsessed with her, so don’t get me started unless you’re ready to hear all about her!